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We, the parish family of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, proclaim our belief in the message and mission of Jesus Christ. We are committed to sharing our time, talent and treasure through worship, spiritual formation and outreach.

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Letter from Father Jantz  

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Fall has arrived in force! Between the jacket weather this past week and seeing the leaves falling, it’s definitely a new season. I look forward to celebrating the season with our youth group this Sunday afternoon at the parish Fall Festival, and I hope to see everyone else there, too!

Speaking of celebration, I’d like to continue our stewardship series with a reflection on how joy is an important part of good stewardship. Maybe the best place to start is by thinking about how joy always wants to be shared. Just think about a time when something good happened in your life that filled you with happiness. I bet that for most of us, our first reaction was to tell a friend, maybe by picking up our phone and giving them a call, or even unexpectedly showing up on their doorstep! Joy has a way of overflowing out of us, and happiness shared is happiness doubled.

Each of us has received so many good gifts from God, and when we reflect on them, we should feel joyful and look to share joy with others. We aren’t good stewards out of some grim sense of obligation, but because we want everyone to feel what we feel, when we find ourselves delighted by God’s goodness to us. This is why St. Paul wrote that “God loves a cheerful giver” (II Corinthians 9:7). It’s not that he rejects our gifts when we’re feeling blue. It’s that true generosity of heart comes from a deep joy that no worldly circumstance can take away, a bigness of spirit that sees through the hard times to the eternal happiness to come.

As we celebrate together this weekend as a parish family, please know of my prayers that God will fill all of us with joy, this season and always. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Joyful Hope and our patron St. Thomas, let’s rejoice in God’s goodness.



God bless,

Fr Jantz



Thinking About Becoming Catholic?

Interested In Becoming Catholic

You may have been coming to Catholic Church for a long time with a family member or with a friend, but you had not thought about the possibility of becoming Catholic.

Are you interested in possibly becoming Catholic?

Would you consider that possibility now?

Would you like to learn more about the Catholic Church to consider your decision?

If you would like to know more about the RCIA, please call Father Ray or Jackie Lampton at 663-3936. RCIA Sessions begin on Sunday, September 13th.

¿Pensando en ser católico?

Clases de RCIA Para Adultos 9/13

La Parroquia de Santo Tomás comenzará las sesiones el domingo 13 de septiembre para aquellos que estén interesados en recibir sacramentos de iniciación. El proceso se llama el rito de la iniciación cristiana. Este proceso de la RCIA es para personas que no han sido bautizadas, personas que han sido bautizadas en otra tradición cristiana que desean convertirse en católicas, y católicos adultos que han sido bautizados, pero que no han sido confirmados. La RCIA será la única sesión presencia en persona que se ofrece en Santo Tomás este primer semestre. Las sesiones serán los domingos de 9:30 AM a 10:45 AM. Las sesiones en inglés se reunirán en el Salón Parroquial, y las sesiones en español se reunirán en la Sala de San José. Debido a la necesidad de distanciamiento social, las únicas personas que podrán asistir a estas sesiones serán los candidatos, sus cónyuges y sus padrinos.

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